Tuesday, January 13, 2009

G! I! V! E! A! W! A! Y!

What does that spell!!???
Oh that's right.
It's Giveaway time here at Meghan's Mindless Mutterings.
And pretell, what is it that is being given away.
Feast your eyes on these puppies:

Yep! I have 5 pairs of $1.00 off coupons that I will be giving away.
They are for the new Ore-Ida Steam n Mash Potatoes.

So how do you enter this fabu giveaway.
Well, now that is easy.

1. Leave me mad blog love telling me why you like mashed potatoes.
2. Post a link on your blog back to this awesome giveaway (then let me know w/ a link to it)
3. Twitter about it & let me know that you did (my twitter id is mkw70)
4. Follow my blog or subscribe to it & let me know

Really? How simple is that?
I know! Really simple.

This giveaway will be kept open until Friday, Jan 16th, at 8pm.
So get to entering y'all! (I am apparently channeling Paula Deen this morning, butter anyone??)

Woops out!



Oh super awesome....why I love mashed Potatoes....Because it's something my husband actually really loves.....


oh and I twittered about it....


Why I love mashed potatoes? Aren't they a staple at dinner? Bring on the mashed potatoes with lots of butter...gravy if it is Thanksgiving!

I'm going to try and link to this on my blog, but well, I am new at this, so might need a lot of help!!!!


I love coupons, and would love to have you send me these! Enter me please. My husband and boys are big meat and potato eaters. Me being a vegetarian, am just a big potato eater, but I'll eat twice as many potatoes to make up for it!


I'd love these for my meat and potato eating husband and boys. I am a vegetarian, but will eat twice as many potatoes to make up for it! Thanks for entering me.


Tweeted your giveaway at I left the last comment too. I'm MomsWhoSave on twitter. You can DM or @ me if I win. Thanks!

Mary R

Ohhhhh nice giveaway! Why I love mashed taters....
Well they are a comfort food! Who doesn't crave comfort food, when they are stressed, or tired or don't feel well.


My hubby would love these!