Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 weeks....

ago today, Cheeks arrived! I can't believe it. He looks so tiny in this picture, well as tiny as an 11 pounder can be. He still looks tiny to me, altho when I hold him to feed him with nothing under my arm to support, he doesn't feel so tiny!

Yesterday was a day of firsts.
*~~First trip to the grocery store. Just Cheeks & me (and the entire population of senior citizens in the Cherry Hill area). Only took us 3 hrs~! Um, yea, next time either someone comes with us or someone needs to watch Cheekers. It's partially my fault b/c I knew he was going to want to eat. So there we sat, in the pharmacy, chugging down the formula. That took about 40 mins, then we had to keep stopping b/c he had gas & needed to burp or just wanted to be held. Then when I got to check out, he freaked out while I was unloaded the cart. I felt like a bad mommy. Thankfully the cashier asked if I needed help to the car with my cart. Why yes I do!!!!!! I usually bag & load up the cart (years of being a cashier) & I didn't yesterday since I had to hold Cheeks the entire time. Luckily, by the time I got to the van, he had fallen asleep & stayed asleep.
Whew! I got home & needed to rest :>)

*~~First laugh!
Instead of just smiling yesterday & sort of moving his body w/o sound, Cheeks actually laughed. I said something to him & he smiled, body shook & he made the laugh sound. Hee hee hee. Well something like that. I wrote it in his baby book!

*~~First follow something with is eyes!
While in the food store I was trying to entertain him so I broke out the very colorful buggy toy that clips on his car seat. His Aunt Darlene sent it to him. Well I decided to move it from one side to the other & he followed it with his eyes. YES! I did it a few times & he kept it up. My child is a genius!!!!!

Last night was better sleeping for him. About 12 to 5am. Not too shabby. I feel slightly refreshed. I hear him now, making sounds up there. Thank goodness for the monitor.

Which brings me to the subject of neighbors. They must have the same monitor b/c I can hear them through it, plain as day. It must be in their kids room b/c I don't hear them all day, only certain times. Nothing juicy either...usually just telling the son he can or can't have this or that. LOL

And finally I will end with this.....Howard K. Stern is the father of Anna Nicole's baby..........TOLD YA! Who didn't see that one coming!!???!!!! Hello, McFly??????????

Woops, out!



Meggers.. I got one of those things you sling around your back and it hold your baby in front of you.. carier type of things.. (KWIM?).. and used that when I went shopping instead of putting my babies in the cart.. worked soooooo much better.. and it's easier on your back!


OMG Girl, you crack me up. Not so sure I believe the whole Howard K. Stern thingy, but I kinda felt that too. Should be interesting if the 'other' daddy forces her to do the DNA test.


First laugh? As I read that I almost got a giggle out of Justin - isn't that insane? He's babbling like a crazy boy today. I JUST LOVE IT! I love seeing them grow up!