Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Confessions

Another Sunday.
Another Confession.

This weeks involves a celebrity.
No, not Tom Hiddleston.
I am extremely open about my obsession with him.  Matter of fact, I fell asleep to the Avengers last night & woke up to it this morning. Oh Loki! I love you.

Back to my confession.
I am talking about Rob Drydek.

Who is he, you ask?
He is a pro skateboarder who is a brilliant business man.

He starred on a show called Big & Rob on MTV.  Now he is the host of Ridiculousness.  These are not my choice of shows to watch BUT I do live with boys, lots of boys.  Ridiculousness is right up there alley.

Make no mistake though, I knew of Rob long before his tv career.  How I have no idea.

Now I do not have a crush on him.  Not at all.  I just adore his personality. 
I can't put my finger on what it is that makes me like him I just think he is so much fun.
He entertains me I suppose.  I also respect him for the empire he built. 

My question to you on this confession Sunday is what is your confession?

Monday, September 08, 2014

When is it...

Seriously...when do you share to much on social media?

It's in our face. 24/7.  I love to share.  Pics of the family, quirky sayings, jokes, links.  The list is endless.

When does the filter in your brain kick in?

I recently read a blog post by someone who I follow.  She is pregnant with her second child.  I couldn't be happier for her.  Recently she suffered an almost miscarriage.  I understand her pain.  I had a miscarriage shortly after Cheeks was children would have been Irish twins.
I digress.

I don't mind her sharing her story and struggle.  I didn't mind some of the photos.  Girlfriend actually posted a photo of the bloody pad she used.  This is where I thought, um, hello...filter?  She said it was real life and she did give a warning in the beginning of her post.  I kept reading though because I am a big girl.

It just kept popping in my head that maybe that particular item should have remained private.  All women at one point in their life will see a bloody pad & so will most med.  People in the medical field see it frequently.

Perhaps I am wrong.  I am sure it helped her get over the hurdle of an almost miscarriage.  It helped her emotionally.  She is in her 2nd trimester now, so things are going good.  It is just I thought...really?

What are your thoughts?
Do you think we share to much on the internet?

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Confessions

My sister will never forgive me when she reads this...but I am Disney'd out.

No matter how cute this kid looks in his Pirate Ears.

He looks good doesn't he?
YES he does!

Anyway, I had a fabulous time on our trip.  Upcoming post about it, promise.

I just really don't want to see a mouse or a princess for awhile.  The parks were fun, the hotel was nice, the pool great.  The heat was unbearable.  August in Florida? We aren't the brightest bunch.

Disney vacations require you to take a vacation when you get back.  To recover from your vacation.  Lots of going, going, going. 

It was fantabulous though.  I have my sister, the Grandpop and the Nana to thank for the trip. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to go.

It's just that all the sugary sweetness in one place makes a girl yearn for Jersey.
You know where I can flip you off if you cut me off, not smile and say "It's ok!"

Think I'll be ready to go back next year tho!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

What? 3rd grade?

How did this happen?
When did this baby grow up to be 8yrs old & in third grade?

I guess since today.
He started third grade.
I remember third grade like it was yesterday.
Although sadly it was many, many moons ago.
Talking like mid 70's peeps.

Anywho, I got him up early because he will be attending before school care this year.
I was taking him today but I wanted him up!

He kept coming in the room, going "Can we go?"
Finally I told him "Look I know you are excited!"
He cuts me off & goes "It's not that."
"Well what is it?"
He actually said to me "I just wanna get it over with".

Yes, my little scholar hates school.
He says all they day is listen & write, write & listen.

Today was only a half day so his father picked him up.
His dad told me, Cheeks came home, grabbed some marshmallows, went upstairs and took a nap.

Guess school tuckered him out.

Well stay tuned to see what shenanigans third grade brings this household this year!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Confessions

I am bah humbug when it comes to masks.
Even when my own children wear them...nope, don't like them.

Never have, never will.

I don't like the sense of not knowing who is behind them.

Even cutesy masks...not a fan.

However I don't mind Disney characters.  Yes, weird I know.

Guess it's something with my psyche.  I know there is a human behind it but my brain just screams "Flee, this does not compute". 

What are you creeped out by?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Confessions

I thought I would start a new feature on the bloggeroo.
I will do it every Sunday.

I am going to do confessions.  You know my guilty pleasures, embarrassing stories, photos and the like.  Whatever I am feeling at the moment.

Today is a confession.  Although it could double as a guilty pleasure.
I haven't told anyone but my sister.
She just looked at me like I was from another planet.

Ok, here it goes.

I enjoy the music of India.

It started years ago when I listed to Sting.  He has an Indian man singing on one of his songs and I thought "Oh, that sounds good!".  Then I would watch Bollywood movies late at night & toe tap along.

Now I might stop at the music channel on cable.

It's true.  I am proud to announce it to the world.

Now, tell you have a confession to make?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Book #9 of 2015: The Book of You by Claire Kendal

Another day, another book review.
I was fortunate enough to win this book from Sweeps4Bloggers…if you haven’t visited that website, you need to run.  She has so many giveaways & such on her blog.  I have won quite a few times.  Remember, the more you enter, the greater your chance of winning.
Let’s move on to the real reason for the post.  The Book of You by Claire Kendal is the story of a woman who is being stalked.  Kendal’s talent emerges as does the stalkers sociopath tendencies do.  She makes you feel as if you are Clarissa, the victim.  I held my breath quite a few times, as well as experienced a stomach flip or two.   
What I look for in a book, is a story I can immerse myself in.  A story where I picture every little detail.  Kendal does not disappoint.  If I can tune out my family while reading, it’s a good tale!   This is a story of many emotions that makes you say to yourself “Just one more page!”
I would definitely recommend.
What have you been reading lately?