Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bahama Breeze: Summer Destination for Good Times!!

This post brought to you by Bahama Breeze. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bahama Breeze.  Great atmosphere, fantabulous food.  It doesn't get much better than that.  My local Bahama Breeze in Cherry Hill, NJ plus all the other BB's around the country are doing it up big for the summer.

They are having the Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash  this summer season. I. Can. Not. Wait!
 Not only are they going to have live music but they are debuting a new drink: Bahama Breeze Ultimate Pineapple I love me some pineapple.  Especially in drink form, really who doesn't?  It's served in a fresh cut pineapple people!

Here is what I am thinking, I am turning 25, ok, 36, fine! I will be turning 44 in July (this month!!), I am hoping to get a few of my close girlfriends together and head over to Bahama Breeze on a Saturday night for girls night. 

Why Saturday?  That's the night they break out the mojito bar in addition to the live music.  You can chose your fruit, your rum and watch the bartenders mix it up for you.  I plan on getting the Bahama Breeze Ultimate Pineapple.  This just sounds too good to pass up.

Bahama Breeze is the summer destination for good times.  I need a good girls night out and what better reason then my birthday.  I can enjoy great food, super atmosphere, my friends and great live music...not to mention the drink...did I mention I am really looking forward to the drink?  Yea, I am!

Plus Bahama Breeze is having contest this summer via Instagram.  It runs as long as the Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash does.  June 23 to  Aug 3.  All you have to do is a take a phenomenal selfie enjoying yourself at BB.  The post to Instagram Selfie Contest and use the hashtag #MyBBSelfie.  You have a chance to win a $25 Bahama Breeze gift card.  Free dinner!!! Yes!

Are you going to check out the Summer Beach Bash?
Are you coming to my birthday party there? All are welcomed!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book #8: Monster's Chef by Jervay Tervalon

What can I say?   It held my interest, it was suspenseful but it also made me scrunch up my nose and become a little nauseated. 

 The story of sordid happenings at a “washed upped” rock star’s home and the chef he employees.  Definitely not what I thought it would be.  It took me forever to figure out who the author’s role model for Monster was.  I actually had to read a review of it and then I was like “Oh yea!”.  I never said I was quick people.

 I read the book in two days.  Easy read for sure.  Definitely an adult novel!

Have you read it?

What’s the last book you read?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pinterest Chicken Dinner Win Y'all!

Who doesn't love Pinterest?
Who wastes a lot of time on Pinterest, pinning but not making?
Yes, I totally raised my hand!

So every now & then I get a hair in my craw & decide, I need to do, instead of pin.
That's just what I did with this great recipe that I pinned from Eat Cake for Dinner.

So super easy & such little ingredients.

Chicken Parm Crescents:

1 pkg. crescent rolls (8 per package)
4 breaded chicken tenders, baked (I used Weaver)
8 small slices Mozzarella Cheese
1 jar spaghetti sauce, warmed
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning (I used dried Italian dressing mix)

Cook chicken tenders according to package directions. 

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  

Unroll crescent rolls and separate into 8 triangles.  

Place a small slice of cheese on the wide end of each crescent. 

Cut each chicken tender in half and dip in spaghetti sauce; let excess sauce drip off.  Place each chicken tender half on top of the cheese and roll up each crescent.  It will be messy and might seem like it's not going to work, but it will.  Place each rolled up crescent onto a lightly greased baking sheet.

Example A:

Sprinkle garlic powder and Italian seasoning over the top of each crescent. Bake for 13-15 minutes or until bottoms are golden brown. Serves 3-4.

I doubled the recipe for my crew & they loved it!

I present the finished product:

I'm probably the worse food photographer ever & it definitely isn't a pretty finished product in my opinion but it was darn good!  Darn good!!!

Have you ever cooked or made anything from Pinterest?
I'd love if you leave me a link to it.
Even leave me a link to your Pinterest page...I'd love to follow.  
Every Pinterest word in this blog post is linked to my page! LOL

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

It happened...again.
Remember this post...Oh No You Din't!
Yes, someone ate my food today as well.
I brought in a four pack of Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes.
I had one day before yesterday and one yesterday.

This morning, I said to my dept.  I'll be back, I'm going to make my breakfast sandwich.
So I strolled on into the kitchen, opened up the fridge & this is what I found:

Clearly I wrote my name all over the box.
Didn't matter.
Whoever it is, took the last two bakes & left me the empty box & the wrappers.

Not only did the person take my breakfast, he/she took a coworkers left over 1/2 eggplant sandwich, some burgers that were from McDonalds & today he/she took 20 chicken mcnuggets but was kind enough to leave the empty bag & the dipping sauces.  Considerate, no?

I've considered putting Visine in the food but my luck would be getting caught & going to jail.  I might be a big "b*tch" but I would end up being someone's "b*tch" in prison.  I'm delicate ya know.

So now I am going to have to bring my breakfast from home & keep at my desk until I am ready to eat it.

I just don't understand people.
How were people raised?
Who steals food?
All you have to do is ask, I would have given you one.

Have you been "stolen" from?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Book #8: Life Happens: Bounce Back! by Lisa Bien

Book #8 of the year is Life Happens: Bounce Back! By Lisa Bien.
A  self help book that comes across as anything but self help.

Lisa personalizes everything she writes about and makes you feel as if you are the only person she is speaking to.  Relatable and humorous, she shows how to learn to self love.

By giving you her childhood history right up to her marriages, you learn Lisa didn’t have it easy.
She did, however, realize she could change herself.  It took some hard work, 90 days of hard work.
Ms. Bien challenges you to do the same.  After reading her challenges, I am game.  Anything to help me make myself feel better is my motto.

I would definitely check the book out.

Let me know if you do!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh no you din't!

I work in an office.
A large office.  With a warehouse.
Probably about 120 people, give or take .

I’ve been in this building for 6 years.
I bring in my breakfast sandwiches and put them in the freezer.  This way I have them when I get to work and do not have to stop at WaWa for a Sizzli.

I brought a brand new box in yesterday, threw it in the freezer but forgot to write my name on it. 
This shouldn’t have been a problem because the last box I didn’t write my name on it and no one touched it.
Not so much with this box.
I went to get one of the four biscuits this morning.  Imagine my surprise when I found the box open and one biscuit left.
Yes, someone or some people, at my food and left me one.
Guess I should be grateful.

Who does that?
You know you didn’t buy it.
You also know that my company doesn’t provide you with breakfast so those sandwiches belong to someone who shelled out money for them.

I was going to put a sign up, well I did but took it down because I didn’t want to get it trouble.
Here is what it said:

The balls of some people just astound me.
Didn’t their parents teach them any better?
Do they not know right from wrong?
Or do they just not care?

I would have given the whole box away, had he/she/they just asked.
That’s all it would have taken.
“May I please have one?”
Sure thing.  Take them all if you want.

It just made me feel violated.

Have you had someone eat your food at work? Or worse?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Strong-Armed by a Second Grader

This is the story of how a 7yo boy strong-armed his mother.
His one and only mother.
Not like my older two…they have me, stepmom Meghan, and their mom.
They are lucky…two moms.
Of course, they have strong-armed me in the past as well.
This tale is how I got taken by the 7yo.  I think he has learned the tricks from his older brothers.

We went to Toys R Us on Saturday morning to buy a gift for a birthday party that was starting at 11am.   We to “mecca” at approximately 9:45am.  Immediately upon entering the store the whining began. 

“Please can I get something” “No, we are here for Gabe’s present”.
“Mom! All my toys are boring” “Well then when we get home you can donate them”.
“I’ll never ask for anything ever again” …I didn’t dignify that with an answer.

I grabbed the gift, while my son perused the aisles (note: aisle is what you find in a store, isle is a small mass of land surrounded by water…just a personal pet peeve)

Keep in mind for about 18 mos, on a daily basis, my entire family has heard how much my son wants a Lego Hulk.
I searched to no avail for it in stores and online.  Even Ebay.
I did find one kit that had him in it but it was going for over $150.
No. no. no.

Well we sauntered over to the Lego aisle.  I told him if he could find something $5.00 or less, I would get it.
We looked and looked.  Surprise, nothing that cheap.
The he saw it. Top shelf.

The Hulk Smash Lab.

Cheeks eyes glazed over, he started to quiver and he goes “MOM! LOOK!”
I could see the light shining behind the lab, & I heard the same Angels Cheeks did, singing Hallelujah.

We checked the price and it was up there. 
At first I told him no.

The tears flowed and his lip came out so far I thought of putting a hook on it to hang my coat.
I held strong.
I made it all the way through check out where he began to sob.

That’s when I lost it.
Next thing I know I was in the checkout lane again buying it.

I am now the best mom ever.
He promises to be good til the end of time.
Of course, he will never be mouthy again (that lasted til this morning).
He has thanked me a million times and keep saying he thinks he’s dreaming.

And that is how I was strong-armed into buying the Lego Hulk!