Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Moment of Silence

Please bow your head in a moment of silence to honour the passing of the Fisher Price Fishie Chair Toy Bar. The Fishies have gone on to bluer pons. Sadly. It all started over the weekend. The fishies weren't swimming like normal, sort of lifeless. Then the music went to slow, scarey movie music. So Mommy called FP yesterday. Cheekers can not be without his fishies. They were moving yesterday but it was only a matter of time. Mommy spoke with the c/s rep who said she would mail out a replacement toybar...FREE OF CHARGE!!! Woo hoo! So today, I put the toybar on, the new one was just shipped today. Unfortunately for the fishies, yesterday was their last day. They weren't moving. Just sort of laying there in the bar, looking sad & forlorned. Cheeks notices but if you take it away & then put it back a minute later it's like brand new fishies. I would like my readers to keep your fingers crossed that the new toybar arrives soon!!!! Cheeks will be missing his friends.

Bobster called. Keep in mind he left this past Sun to work 2 weeks straight, til Nov 17th, in Mass. He called me today. Change of plans. He's now staying til Thanksgiving. Um, hello, that's like 3 weeks!!!!! I am upset, he's upset, Cheeks & the boys are upset. Yea, it's a bit upsetting BUT he has to do what he has to do. Responsibities take priority ya know.

So I am getting a new office at work. They have assigned me my territory, finally. So I am mvoing to the office where all the files are. Why they can't move the files to my office is a question I asked but was told easier to move me, then them. So I am leaving my happy condo area & moving to a new neighborhead. I am not sure if I am moving up or down. I go from a windowless office with a door, to an office with 4 windows (1 to the outside, 3 inner office) but no door. Guess it's a double edge sword!

Erin made dinner today. Fried ravioli, garlic bread & then made dessert to go with it. YUMMO! It was nice to have dinner made for me when I came home & I did't have to clean up.

Tuesday is her Tastefully Simple party sooooooooooo if you would like to order anything let me know or if you wanna come, come on over. It's at my house!

Well I am getting Woops out!


Nik Just Nik

Oh Meghan I know how you feel about Bob being away. DH is gone 8 days out of 14 all the time. I hate it most days too...


I'm sorry about Bob, Honey! What a bummer!

Congrats on the new office though!


That sucks about the fishie bar!! The motor on our fisher price fishie swing would NOT lower the sound of the music playing. I called FP and they sent a new motor for it! They have great customer service. Sorry the Bobster is gone so long!:(