Sunday, June 24, 2007

#7, Shout Out, Shake It Off~~

That's my #7 layout of the year.

Am I on fire or what???!!!!

I followed a sketch from & decided to do one of Cheek's first portraits...his Halloween costume. Man, is he a cutie or what??? I know I'm partial but come on! Hee hee

This is the same child, who has learned to stand in his crib. This is a no no. So today, after the 2.5 hr morning nap (Thank you God, Thank you!), I go in b/c he is too quiet. There he is standing. Proud as can be. So I cleared my throat & said "Ethan, are you supposed to be doing that?" He turned his head, wiggled his one eyebrow & started to giggle. It was so darn funny, I had to leave the room. I don't know what I'm going to do if all I do is laugh at his antics.

I will end up with a brat.

Ok, note to self...must control laughter. I mean I did leave the room before I giggled. Anyway....

I would like to give a shout out to my Uncle Mike. That's my Aunt Patty's hubby. She reads my blog. I think she, my mom & like 2 other's are my regulars. If you are a regular, give me a holla (leave me a comment...I love the comments). Anyway I saw my Uncle Mike at Shop Rite this morning at like 9am. I went food shopping for the first time in like 4 weeks. So there go me & the Cheekers on our way to load up the minivan when who comes strolling up the lane in the parking lot but Uncle Mike.

So, Hello Uncle Mike & Hello Aunt Patty (b/c I know you are reading least I hope you are!)

As for the Shake it off. Tuesday when Cheeks learned to pull himself up, he would fall. Usually on his tush, then his back. Well he just goes to the tush now but it usually knocks the wind out of him or stuns him at least plus he will hit his noggin too. At first, I was always like




And would try to comfort him. After the 100th time, I started to look, make sure there's no blood or he's wonky & I just tell him "Shake off!"

Works well! He gets right back up. Now he thinks he can stand on his own & lets go. I see walking in the future. I finally charged the dvd recorder camera my dad gave me & I am having a ball using it.

When I figure out how to upload, I will post the video of Cheeks eating his mashed potatoes. He got a bath immediately following. Oiy've.

Well tomorrow starts another work week. *sigh* I also go back to the dr for the stupid cyst on my face. It hurts again, so I think it got reinfected. NICE! They are sending me to a plastic surgeon for the rest of the removal.

On that note...




Meggers your layout is awesome... good job!!!


I read, but don't always post! Great page - I remember seeing that pic before!


I always read. You should know that. I just haven't caught up in a few weeks ... been super busy!


I lurk, I usually don't post... :)


Love the lo Meghan! Hope that you don't have infection.

Lissa Ballard

I was just wondering about your "surgeries" and how you were doing...

Ethan is just way too cute. What an adorable child... love the whole shake it off thing. Yep walking within the next two months will be a given I think...

Hope your work week goes well girl... and your cyst gets MUCH better!


Felicia McB

Hey there! I'm a regular reader, i just don't always get a chance to comment, I guess you could call me a fly-by reader?
Great LO!
and me thinks you'll be chasing that Cheekers before to long! :)
Hopefully they get that cyst taken care of soon.



Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, Thanks for the shout out for me and Uncle Mike! And your right I am definitely a regular on reading your blog. Uncle Mike says that Ethan looks just like his Great Grandpop! He sooo cute!

Love ya's!


I check your blog every few days. Ethan is such a cutie. I dont blog on here I blog on myspace.


Ahhhhh Meghan that page is so cute!!!! You GO girl!!! & Lo's this year!! *ducking* *L* Hey it's better than none right!!?
And if ya figure out a way to get the Cheekers to not stand up in his crib...well your a better mom than the rest of us!!! *L* Too funny!!! He sounds like a little ham!


Hey Meghan, been reading your blog for awhile now, just don't comment!

I wouldn't worry about Ethan standing in his crib, as long as the mattress is low enough, just let him go!!!