Monday, November 08, 2010

Ah, life

He looks like he can't believe he made that pumpkin
He's constipated.
I can't decipher.

So Cheeks health insurance...what a nightmare.
They can never give me doctors that accept his insurance or have appointments.
Prior to today I was looking for a specialist & they gave 5 different dr's to contact.
All 5 do not take his insurance.
The last one, booked the appt, saw him & then at the end told me she didn't take the insurance & it would be $85 for the visit.
Well let me just squeeze that out of my tush for you.

Today they gave me 5 dr's.
Two are no longer in practice.
One is only affiliated with the practice as a courtesy & we are not patients.
The other I am waiting for a call back.
The last doesn't have an open appt's til after June 2011.

Yea, great insurance.

Not mention when I identified myself to the "boy" on the other end of the phone he said "Ok Meghan Muggles what can I do for you?"
Muggles? Like in Harry Potter.
I did laugh & told him I liked that better.
So please feel free to call me Mrs. Muggles.

Tell me has your name ever been mispronounced?



All. the. time.


lots of time. i get LORA MIL-LAR.. i used to get mrs woe-ppel and let us not forget laura target..then there's taaa-gart. with my maiden name they used to call me buchman all the time. who knew in the future i'd be related to a hang in there meggie muggles