Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

How in the world is it Oct 4 already?
Wasn't it just yesterday I was posting pictures from the pool?

The Nana used to tell me that time just went quicker the older you got.
Then it got worse when you had children.
 She was right.
I don't know where the last 5 years have gone in Cheeks life.
How is he 5 already?

He had his well child check up.
 45 1/2" 50lbs.
The child's ribs show, he's so skinny.
He's also in the 90th percentile.
Go figure.
You start out at 11lbs, guess you're gonna be a big one your whole life.

The great thing was his pediatrician finally listened to me.
He has agreed to take a look at Cheeks evaluation with the Child Study team & take it from there.
So that is good news. Guess when I let the dr know Cheeks is at the principal everyday & he's only at school for 2.5hrs, it raised a red flag.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Now to get the older one straightened out.
Oy ve', I am going to be totally gray by summer 2012.

On a lighter note, wanna see how we keep ourselves entertained during our lunch hour.


Colored that myself.
Quite the artist aren't I?
I know, I know, I am a Picasso in the making.

What do you all do to de-stress at work?



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Tara O

I always forget how big he was at birth. I'll scare ya since you think HIS ribs show...Emily is 47" and, ahem, 40lbs. Yeah 40 and an inch and a half taller. EEEEEKKKKKK. And I wonder why I have to use the adjustable waist on Slim size pants. ;)

And yeah...time goes by super quick but even my kids are noticing it.

Something for Everything

Hi Meghan, followed your link form frugal movice's friendly friday. Nice board you got there. At the office I normally doze off as everybody else does. I de-stress myself by driving around the economic zone where I've worked.