Monday, April 23, 2012

Tidbits of Weeked Life

Spontaneous was the word for the past weekend.
Usually I crash when I get home on Fridays.
This week, I came through the door, Bobster had already ordered dinner (Panzarottis...he's a groumet ya know) & I was like, lets go.

We took the kids:

Snazzy shoe.
The photo doesn't do the shoe justice.
It was neon orange & yellow.

Then while ChrisBob practiced (more on why he practices in a later post), I let Cheeks:

Seriously, it's like a drug.
I could probably leave him there for days on end, as long as the quarters do not run out he's golden.

Now in case you think we leave all the fun the little one, ChrisBob took his older brother's gig as the Great Clips mascot for the weekend.

Two mascots in one family...we are thrilled!

Great Clips today...Philly Phanatic tomorrow.

Sunday this area was inundated with rain.
While Cheeks & I stayed home & the oldest worked, ChrisBob & his dad went someone & did something.

You will just have to wait for a future post about's exciting!!

How was your weekend?