Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Breakfast on the Fourth & Forever

Happy 4th of July!

Can you believe it's July already? Doesn't it seem like we just got the Christmas decor down?

I digress.

This morning the fam hit up a new local eatery.

Amy's Place in Cherry Hill, NJ.

It's new to Camden County but not new to NJ.  They have a place down the shore & in Burlington County.
Today was our second visit.
Bobster & I hit it up last Friday when we had our "date day".

For the 4 of us to eat this morning (Bobster, moi, Chris & Cheeks...Tim was working) it was only $35.00.

Here is what Bobster got:

The bacon was a gift from me.
Bobster actually got scrapple as a side.
For those outside the Philly area, scrapple is all the scraps leftover from the pig that's not used, it's mushed up & fried.
Definitely an aquired taste & you either like it or you don't.
No in between.
I like it but it has to be thin.

The eggs were over easy...cooked to perfection as Bobster said.
The homefries, while I didn't order them, I stole some off of his plate & OMG! Delish!!!! Best home fries I've had in a long time.

He also got toast with his meal. 

Now onto my entree:

Country Stuffed French Toast.
What is it stuffed with you say?
Lemme tell ya!
Strawberry Jam & Cream Cheese.
Not to mention the bread is actually raisin bread.

Died & gone to Heaven.
To be honest, you didn't even need syrup!

I didn't get a pic of the boys food because well they are boys & couldn't wait.
Christopher got the Jersey sandwhich.
A kaiser roll with pork roll, sausage, bacon, cheese & egg.
Basically a heart attack on a plate...but when I say well worth it, believe you me, well worth it!!!!

Cheeks had the Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Came out looking like the big mouse himself.
Bobster tried them & said they were excellent.

So if you are in the area, even Philly, stop on by Amy's Place you will NOT be disappointed!

Tell me, what is a fav of yours for breakfast?