Saturday, July 06, 2013

How I know I am getting older...

July is my birthday month.
The big 43 is coming in just a few days.

I've noticed lately that I must be approaching middle age.

Here's a few reasons.

Yes, this just a gratuitous shot of Luke Bryan but he represents County Music that I have taken a huge liking to.

1.  It's catchy.
2.  I can understand the lyrics.

Sad, right?

Another reason is NJ is going through a God awful heat wave right now.
Both of our vehicles are lacking a/c because it broke.
I will run only necessary errands, bitch the entire time that's its ungodly hot, come home and not leave again unless it's absolutely necessary.

I've noticed the veins.
The varicose veins are appearing on my legs.
Like left & right.

I figured I'd get Secretary Spread before I got those since I sit on my tushie all day
I guess working on my feet all those years didn't help.

Finally, I am going to bed at like 10pm exhausted but the six year old is just getting started.
He is out lasting me at the end of the day.

I'm sure there are many more reasons but my middle aged brain isn't working properly.

Tell me, how do you know you are getting older?


Tonja Treece

How I know I'm getting older? Johnny Depp just turned 50. 50! I used to watch him on 21 Jump Street!