Sunday, February 16, 2014

American Woman? Wonder Woman? No, just Woman!

I am woman hear me roar.
Well hear me yell because no one in this male dominated household hears me.

The other day I hear "Woman!, Woman!"
Now it was just myself and the 7 year old at home.
So I poked my head into the living room and there he was, sitting playing Wii.
He looked at me & said "Woman! I would like a drink please."

I don't know if it was the shocking realization that he used the word "Woman" when referring to me or that he used please.
Well I do digress, he is very polite.

So I got the little tyrant a drink, didn't say anything because I was chuckling to myself & thought well it's just once.
A 7 year old never does anything just once, do they?

I figure he thinks I am Wonder Woman.

It's obvious why.  I'm built just like her.
I'm not?

Then why is this child calling me "Woman!"?

It hasn't stopped.
He's called me it since.
But I can't stop laughing.

It sounds hysterical.

I'm sure it won't be so funny when I get a call from the school saying he is calling his second grade teacher that, will it?

Do your children call you anything?
Remember it's a family blog,.