Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am a stunner, no?
Do not answer that.
Just me, fooling around in the camera.
No make up.
Hair up & most likely in need of a shampoo.
I think this was at like 7:15 am.
Oh well.

So Master Cheekers has decided to not just do 3 steps at a time but today he walked from the couch to the table I have on the small wall.
He did this with his hands over his head.
Like a monkey.
It was like 20 steps!!!
Of course, I made a big deal over it.
We all do when he walks.
He must think we are crazy but hey, so be it.

Well didn't get the job.
Well I got it.
They couldn't pay me what I wanted. I even came down.
HR said it wouldn't be fair to pay me what I wanted when they have employees that are just now making that after being there 3 yrs.
Um, er, well
I have years of experience
a BA.
I am worth it.
So tomorrow onto another temp agency.
The one I'm with hasn't contacted me in weeks & when I emailed her she replied "am keeping you in mind, feel free to stop in whenever."
Um, yea.

I like being home but we are not sure I can be home full time for good.

So if you know of any place that is hiring & is weekdays then let me know!

Ok, Kitchen Nightmares & yummy Chef Ramsey is on.
Gots to go!
Woops out!



i should only look that good at 7:15!
and what does that guy know anyway? the perfect job at the perfect place making the perfect salary is just around the corner! then you can blow big fat raspberries at everyone else!


No kidding! I think you look great!