Monday, August 03, 2009

How to keep an almost 3 yo occupied

First things first, you start off on a Thursday night taking him to the local pizza joint to pick up a pie.
He decides he wants to eat there & has a fit when you try to leave.
Thus resulting in him slamming his head on the concrete floor.
Then the owner, speaking in Italian & reeking of beer, rushing over with ice to put on the screaming child's noggin b/c it he is now growing a second head out of his forehead.
As you can see in the picture, over the right side of his eyes, is a lovely shade of green.

The bump has gone down but he managed to hit it twice more in the same spot over the weekend.

Anyway, you keep the child occupied by taking him to the races!!

Look at the excitement on his face!

What is that green stuff you ask?

Well he drinks Crayola water. A lovely green shade. Taste like rotten fruit roll ups but he loves it! And he gets his water in.

Of course being at the races, someone had to experience driving a FAAAST truck.

Look at him go!

He actually had a blast & helped cheer on his Uncle Chucky.
He was good as gold.
Then slept late the next morning.
Of course, he conned me into buying him 2 race cars at $5 a piece
letting him have popcorn for dinner.
I think I deserve mother of the year award for that.
What did you do this weekend?



he is sooooooooooo cute.. green face and all.