Sunday, August 09, 2009


Here I am.
In my heels, skirt & pearls.
Fluttering around the house.
6 loads of laundry ~ check
Cleaned ~ check
Baked Ziti in oven for tomorrow ~ check
Strawberry Banana Bread in the process of being prepared ~ check
Clean the bathroom ~ don't get carried away....still have that but I am hoping in my next home to get a self cleaning bathroom!
Anyway, doing all this to get ready for the big "G" surgery tomorrow.
O that's right.
They are ripping me apart to take out my gallbladder.
It must go.
I have the stones.
Not just one or two.
As the surgeon put it "It has to come out, it's riddled with stones"
Must be why I had the pain in that area.
Better to get it out than wait for a severe attack.
So if I don't post for a day or so....I am recupperating.



you wnat to go to the christmas tree store after you get home from the hospital??? lolllllol


good luck! I had mine out 5 years ago, same day surgery and went to a wedding the very next day!!

Must have the recipe for strawberry banana bread...PLEASE!

Miss Mommy

Best of luck Meg! My hubby had his out 2 years ago. After a few days of rest he was good as new! Plus, now he no longer suffers from indigestion 24/7!!


Hope you make a fast recovery!!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Good luck to you sugar! Been there and done that where you are and the recovery isn't so bad. Just hope Cheeks can remember mommy can't lift him for a bit!

Big hugs!


So, how's it going? Been thinking about you.


Ackkk I was a blog slacker and had no idea you were having surgery! It's been a week now with no update, hope all is well.


Hey there! Are you ok? We're all worried about you...