Monday, February 08, 2010

Eating a cupcake, watching Celeb Fit Club....

Sure, sure, probably not the best snack for a chubby girl to eat while watching hasbeen/wanna be celebs try to lose weight on a reality show
I baked them & didn't want them to get stale.

Ok, ok.
Let's see whose on this season:

Who do I spy with my little eye?

Is that Sebastian Bach from Skid Row?
Why, yes, yes it is.
He's still sort of hot.
Looks like he needs a good shower
Really take my opinion lightly on that b/c I have the hots for Kid Rock.

I digress.

Next up...Bobby Brown.
What a disgusting human being.
He's gross.

Of course, my fav so far, is the winner of Season One of Project Runway.
Love him!
He has personality & spunk.
Plus he's there to help himself.
Not for the $$ but for him.

Then we have Nicole Eggert.
She's 130 & 5'2.
A bit overweight but I would kill to see those numbers.

There is some girl from High School Musical & another reality show chic from The Bad Girls club.
I can't stand her.
The Bad Girls club girl.
Already with the attitude.
Lose it already!
You signed up for it.
Did you think Harvey was going to hand you a down feather pillow & tell you take it easy while some cabana boy peels you grapes & you get a mani-pedi!?
Wait, that's my fantasy.

There is Shar Jackson.
I feel bad for her.
Not for the whole Brit-Kev thing
Like she said...she has been a staple in the tabloids.
Time for girly to get her life back!
You go Shar, you go!

That leaves us with Kevin Federline.
Saw what you want about him
I think he's a decent guy.
He's never once trashed Shar or Brit.
Not that I know of.
And he seems like a decent dad.
I would like to see him succeed.
He's not a bad looking guy.

Tell me, do you watch?
Whose your fav so far?

And for all of us in the Delaware Valley....whose ready for another freakin blizzard!