Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mominatrix by Kristen Chase

Ever been to the Sahara Desert? Feel like there are cowebs where other things should be? While my dry spell is a result of being in different countries at the current time I could not pass up the following book to read.

This month I participated in the Silicone Valley Moms Blog Book Club, I am a member of the NJ Mom Blogs <~~~~~~~~~~ link over there. This month the book was Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms by Kristen Chase.

I figured I would give it a try because who couldn't use a little advice for some spice in the bedroom. Disappointment is an understatement. Kristen is witty, informative, has definitely done her research and offers sage advice. The only problem for me was this book seemed geared towards parents of new babies. My baby is 3.

While having a c-section with my little 11 pounder, I didn't need to read about how I can buy sexy underwear that will help cover the scar & curtail some of the weeping. To use an old cliche: Been there, done that. Actually a weeping c-section scar is not a deterrent for my husband...just keepin it real!

Kristen talks about taking care of your "area" (this is a family blog so I will try to use many euphanisms) before embarking on first time post baby sex. I had always thought this was common sense and one of the first things woman did after not being able to see the "area" for the better part of 4 months. Some women wax (um, OUCH!), some shave, some trim but all should take care and I must admit while preggers this area did go untames BUT I did try to sway my sister into helping me with it but no matter what type of bribe I gave her or promised gift she told me she had to draw the line somewhere. Hmph!

She suggests how to set the mood, how to get in the mood, how to stay in the mood. Chase offers websites to find adult toys, porn and lingerie. She gives little tips through out and definitely doesn't hold back when telling it like it is.

My favorite chapter in Mominatrix is where she addresses the daddies. The one tip to get me in the mood that I will be passing onto the Bobster is for the daddy to help out with the chores. Nothing gets me more excited then to have Bobster do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Man! I will show my appreciation BIG TIME after that. Nothing sexier than a man elbow deep in the suds.

Overall the book isn't aimed towards those of us with "older" children. Kristen addresses us and tells how to handle being "walked" in on. I have already had to deal with this and let me just say I never saw Bobster move so fast in his life...it was if lighting struck.

If you are the mom of a newborn or infant, definetly check it out. For those with a bit older kids, use your imagination and all is good. You will for sure get a chuckle out of some of her tips and suggestions. You may even find decide to try some of the situations she puts out there. I plan too. What they are I will not tell...again, family blog!

Tell me, are you a Mominatrix.

Disclosure: I received this book free as being part of the Silicone Valley Moms Blog book club.