Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a Monday on a Thursday

So while I sit home today, with no brakes on the mini van, missing a day of work & waiting to get my tush to Pep Boys, I have decided to paricipate in the "Not Me" meme that is usually done on Mondays.
Hence while I am doing it on Thursday.

For those that don't know what it is, it was started by MckMama (google her, I can't link, slows the darn 'puter down) to say what she did during the week but didn't do.  That type of thing.
You'll figure it out when you read mine.
Altho. mine is a compilation of things I didn't really do for a some time.

It wasn't me that told my 3 yo as I wiped his tush & he wimpered that "Oh it would be a lot worse if you were in prison!"

It was not me who served myself & the 3yo grilled cheese & macaroni & cheese for dinner.

It was not me who wasn't concerned that Bobster fed our son a soft pretzel for lunch & called it a day.

Those are just some of the fun highlights in the not me world of my life.

How about you?
What not me moments have you had this week?