Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is it me or

Or does anyone else find "Mayhem" attractive?
I've liked him since his days on HBO's "Oz"
Remember that show?
I loved it.
Used to watch it every week.
Miss it.

Here's a question.
Should New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys perhaps change their names to reflect their maturity & the fact that most are married & parents?
Maybe Old Men from Around the Block & Backpain Bums?

Just throwin it out there.
They are definitely no Duran Duran.
Now those boys grew into some fine men.
My fav was always Roger.
Then I realized he was like 5'8.
Why, why, why do they all have to be short?

Did I ever tell you I almost got into a brawl in 2005 at a DD concert in Atlantic City?
That's right.
I did.

Some d-bag in the crowd was pushing his girl & he inadvertently pushed my sister.
Well big no no.
I was like "Yo, don't push my sister"
He got nasty but then his girlfriend pulled him away.

Thanks God.
I would have beat him to a pulp.
Ok, I would have called security but whatev!

Tell me, what concerts have you seen as adults of artists who you liked as kids?
Do tell!



LOl this is so funny. I agree, a name change is definitely in order for those two groups. Have you seen the name of their new tour, talk about a headache! I think the guy is okay looking, but not my type.

MS Mom

When I was younger I begged my mom to let me go see NKOTB. She refused 11 was too young to go to a concert. She said the same when I begged (with tears) to go see Milli Vanilli. Wasnt until I moved out when I was 17 that I went nuts, saw Kyper, Noel, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Still wish I could have seen NKOTB (sign....oh Joey....)

And yes, Mayhem is very attractive. "Shaky shaky....shaky shaky shaky"