Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy's Weekend Out!

Know what I did this weekend?
Stuff for me.

Oh that's right.
The mommy.

I went out.
With my friends.

What did we do you ask?
Chinese auction baby!!!!
600 women let loose in a high school gymnasium to throw their tickets in boxes for a chance to win a gift basket.
The baskets ranged from baby stuff to gift cards for the movies or out for dinner.


They also had door prizes.
I won one.
A lovely window box with fresh parsley, basil & chives in it.
I'm giving it to the Nana because let's face it, I'm lucky I keep my family alive, I shouldn't be trusted with herbs.

Now we have all seen this photo:

Apparently, people have complained.
Says it's not up to date.


I mean is the big bow & big hair only from the 80's?

Anyway, feast your eyes on this baby....

23 years later peeps.
We still look 17.



That was taken Saturday night at the shindig.
It was nice.
She is also the woman who introduced me to Bobster.
I love her, known her since we were 14.
Will always be one of my bff's.

Ok, enough sappy sap.

Sunday, the family went to a Philadelphia Wings game.
You know, lacrosse.

Loved it.
Best part was when they beat each other up.
Bring on the violence!  

It really is a fun game.
I wanted to play in high school but we didn't have a lacrosse team.
There are adult leagues now but they do not have emergency services at the games nor do they supply with you oxygen.
Something about the leagues wanting you to be in shape to play.

Yea, whatev!

So tell me how was your weekend?
What did you do?

Better yet, are you still friends with someone with high school?

Do tell.


kara noel

Yay!! I love raffle events. That looks like such a fun girls night!!