Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walk down memory lane

Remember being a preteen/teen reading magazines for anything fashion/life related.

I read them all.
For example:
Honestly I thought Teen folded years ago. Like over 20 years ago. Who knew? I used to read this & Young Miss. Loved them both. Sadly I couldn't find any Young Miss covers from when I read it. It was either covers from the 70's & Highlights was more my thing in that decade or YM, which would have been more my sister's era.
I was an 80's Young Miss reader.
Sad that publication folded.

Of course then we have:
I adored this magazine.
It was different than the other mags.
Great fashion but stories that were about issues in the world. Not what eye shadow to wear to the prom.
I remember this issue particularly.
Think it was when I realized these two were not good for each other.

After Sassy folded, the owner developed:
Another hard hitting yet with fashion magazine.
I remember this is where I first read about female circumicision.
Um, Ouch & OMG! Those poor women.

Now in my adulthood, I look forward to reader Food Network Mag, Rachael Ray & Family Circle.

How far I've come.

What brings back your teen memories?