Thursday, June 02, 2011

Watermelon, an evil fruit

You know how you play the game of tell me something no one else knows about you.
A fact.

*deep breath*

I skeeve watermelon.
Oh yes.
Tis true.

I loathe this fruit.
I hate the taste.
Detest the smell.
Loathe the texture of the rind/fruit.

Normally, not a big deal for your average American woman.
Not so much for me.

See I used to cashier for a long time.
Summer would hit & customers were buying these babies in droves.

I took massive amounts of Zanax before I'd go to work in the summer.
Not true...not a Zanax type of girl.

I'd suck it up because I needed my job.
Truthfully, everytime I had to touch one to move from belt to the bag, I got a shiver up my arm.

I thought my phobia of watermelon was behind me.

Cheeks loves the melon.
So like any good grandmother, the Nana, buys him watermelon, cuts it up & gives it to him.

Thank God because if he waited for me, he'd be 35 wondering why he never heard of watermelon.

Don't get me wrong.
I think watermelon decor is nice.
Little watermelon dresses for little girls...cute.
The fruit...not so much.

So please, if you invite me to your picnic, don't ask me to bring the watermelon.