Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That Doesn't Happen Here...til Today.

That's New Jersey.
My state.
See the words that say Camden (right by the Delaware River & across from Philly), I pretty much live right there.
In Camden County.
See where it says Mt Holly.
I work there.

Here in NJ we don't get a lot of weather related stuff.
Sure, Nor'Easters, Torrential Rains, effects from hurricanes. But Earthquakes?
 Not in all my life do I remember one.
Til today.

 There I was.
Sitting at my desk, tooling around the internet, not that I do that at work, I am just embellishing part of the story for artistic sake.

So there I am.
All of a sudden, my office chair starts to rock back & forth.
The lights above me starts to swing
You can hear the tin tiles on the roof shaking.
We are having an addition put on so at first we thought it was the crane hitting the building.
 My poor supervisor didn't know what to think.
Then we realized...EARTHQUAKE.

 In Jersey.
Home of the attitude & big hair.
Home of Theresa from the Housewives.

We are not made for this.
While it lasted 10 seconds and was really the aftershocks of what hit Virginia, it is something that I don't care to experience again.

I'm good.
Bring on the snow.
Bring on the rain.
 Bring on the humidity.

Leave the earth shaking to the states that are used to it...thank you very much.

Tell me did you feel the effects today?



Found you on Jersey Moms Blog. Fellow blogger from Monmouth County, prepping for the Hurricane. Stay safe!
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I hope you all are okay!

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Grandma Bonnie

Earthquakes can be scary. We were in a couple in California so I know just how you feel. Hope you have a great week.
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