Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catchin Up

See this child.
He has been keepin me busy.

Wait, lets rephrase that...he's been keeping the principal at his new school busy.
Everyday since the first day he's had to go to the principal's office due to being defiant, not listening, disruptive.

The state worker who evaluated him suggested help.
The state said he didn't meet the criteria.

I beg to differ.

He pretty much vibrates just standing still.

My pediatrician diagnosed him with one question:  "Can he sit & watch a movie he likes?"
We replied: "Yes"
His response "Well he's not hyperactive"

Thanks for that diagnosis Doc.
I think my doctor is old school.
For cryin out loud, he was my pediatrican & I am no spring chicky.

I am still trying to find a pediatrican who will see him to give him a more in depth evaluation.
We have already been the Child Study Team route & he was fine academically...that is all they check for.

He's a smart cookie just hard to corral.

Any tips would help.
I was thinking duck taping him to the wall but then that would leave that black goo on the wall & I'd have to clean it off.
So that's out.

Perhaps I will just quit my job, work as a hooker at night so I can homeschool him during the day.
Then again I think that won't work because let's face it...I skeeve people that I really don't know & finding a good corner is so hard these days.

Any suggestions?


Tara O

My friend recommended Attentive Child and Calm Child in lieu of ADD drugs for Seth. She uses them for her son and said it's a night and day difference. We've only taken them two days so I can't say yet...

I purchased them online cheaper than I could get them at the local natural foods shop at Vitacost.com.


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Working Mommy

I would stay away from drugs...doctors can be very quick to give a diagnosis and prescribe drugs as a solution when, really, the child only needs an outlet. Maybe putting him in karate or other "disciplined" sport would be good for him to learn control.


Eli's Lids

My cousin has to have silly putty in his hand while at school. It was the teacher's idea. By smuching and playing with it, his mind can focus on the lecture and his body stays still. It's pretty crazy how it works. He just kinda smuches it.
I've heard that swiging on a swing burns tons of energy... more than running. Who knows.


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I have no idea. :( Don't become a hooker, though. That's no good! :)

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Tiffany Booth

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MS Mom

Children with ADD and/or ADHD do things because they are interesting,not because they are important. These "interesting" things can hold their attention for some time. That does not mean they are not hyperactive.
I have been in your boat but finally found someone who would listen. I'd recommend him to you but your like 20something states away. Haha.
(and I've though about the duct tape too but apparently people frown upon that. might not been accepted in your social circle.) :-)