Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I obviously missed this chapter

Let's put things into perspective.

When you purchase a new car, you get a manual.
When you purchase a new appliance you get a manual.
Bringing home some Ikea get directions.  Yes they are in Swedish but the point is instructions!

The day I left the hospital with my 11 pounder a mere 5 years ago, I asked the nurse when I would get my instruction booklet.
Don't laugh.
You all thought about it.

She smiled & just said "Good luck"

Let me tell you, raising children is hard.

The youngest one has behavior issues.
I have been trying for months to get them straightened out.
Roadblocks are an understatement for what I am running into.

Pediatricians are not quick to want to evaluate for ADHD, Hyperactivity etc.
I perservere & keep truckin tho.

In my great state of Jersey, I am finding no peds that take his insurance who are willing to consult.
The one ped in this field, who is known for his expertise, will see him.
For a consult visit of $1300.00
Notice where the decimal point is.
I offered a $1 a week til it's paid but they didn't seem impressed with that offer.

I am now trying some natural remedies to help Cheeks.
It's been 2 days so no effect yet but maybe tomorrow or in a few weeks.

He's so impulsive.
Can't keep still.
Is extremely mouthy.
Always wants his way.
Keeps going & going like the energizer bunny.

I am overwhelmed & exhausted with it all.

As his mom, I am his advocate.
I will do what I have to do.

Don't even ask about the babysitting situation.
Still at a standstill.
I even joined SitterCity.

Now, the 17yo, that's another story.
That shady mcshaderston decided to play his dad against me & vice versa.
Huge mistake.

He is now grounded with no use of the vehicle, permission to see his friends or even his girlfriend.

So I'd just like to say that no one ever told me raising children was so challenging.

Holy Moley.
I think I'm gonna start to more Diet Pepsi's for me...I'm going hardcore...bring on the Reg Pepsi.

Tell me, are you having child rearing issues as well?


Felicia McB

Meghan can I ask what kind of natural remedies you're trying? Because I have to tell you this list
He's so impulsive.
Can't keep still.
Is extremely mouthy.
Always wants his way.
Keeps going & going like the energizer bunny.
sounds very much like Aidan about 3 years ago. I was at my wits end. We've made progress by leaps and bounds with Aidan by just removing a couple of things from his diet.
If you'd like to vent, or discuss the things you trying, or hear the things we did I'd be more then happy listen or help. Feel free to email me or facebook message me.


Meghan...I so feel your pain. I'd call the school and have them pay to get him evaluated especially now that he's in public school and if it's causing issues, they can have him evaluated on their dime. Email me, I know some of this path b/c of my son, and some of the doctors in the area that may be able to help you.


Meghan, I so feel your pain. Now that Cheekers is in school, you should send a letter to the Child Study Team and have them pay for an evaluation. If you want any help with doctors, or to talk, email me or chat w/me on FB!

MS Mom

Unfortunately I have issues too. Our ped. finally decided there might really be a problem when the youngest was kicked out of daycare. The only way he survived Kindergarten is due to the teacher having ADHD and understood his behavior and how to respond. Fast forward to 2nd grade and Adderal and we are doing much better. (Several breakdowns on my part between then and now.)
And add a teenage stepson into the mix who manipulates his father (myhusband) and his mother, makes it all more fun. Ill say a prayer for you! I does get better but there are still bad days on my front.