Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seriously? You can't be serious

I live in New Jersey.
South Jersey to be specific.

Whitney Houston was a Jersey girl.
She will be buried here.

Our Governor, Chris Christie, is mulling the idea of flying the American Flag at half staff.

Usually I don't pay close attention to politics (the Grandpop keeps me informed) but this most recent "idea" has garnered my attention.

I ask you Gov. Christie to not fly the flag at half staff for Whitney Houston.
Not because I don't like her.
Not because I don't feel for her family.

I ask because this an honor reserved for the military.

Perhaps, Gov. Christie, you should have offered to fly the flag at half staff last week when a 20 year member of the military was killed in Afghanistan.  There was no mention of it.

Whitney...great singer. a member of the military. half staff.

Let's keep it for those who have died for our freedom in this country and other countries.
For those who have served their country.

Thank you 


MS Mom

I would High5 you if I could. Its an insult that a flag would be flown at half mast for a celebrity, moreless one with a known drug problem.
No one remembers the fallen soliers who gave their life so that spoiled celebrities have a country to sing, act, do drugs in.
Oh I could go on and on and on.
There has already been entirely too much media attention put on her death, while simultaneously overseas men and women are fighting for our freedom.

Oh I may have started a rant there. Ooops. :)