Sunday, February 26, 2012


Pink tint hides a multitude of sins, doesn't it.
I think that's why pink is my signature color!!!

That little guy in the pic with me.
He is down for the count...with the stomach virus.

It's gross...not gonna lie.
I have a new found respect for the Nana.

Hopefully he will be the only one that gets it.
Poor kid.
He doesn't understand & keeps telling me he's sorry.

At least he didn't pray to Jesus to make it stop like myself.
I was little.
It's all I knew.

On a better note see this good looking kid:
He got a job!
The angels are singing & that's why NJ is having the weather it's having. :>)

He is a dishwasher/busboy at a local restaurant.  Works weekends & so far, the owner loves him!
Now if we could just get him to do dishes at home.  LOL

What is going on in your neck of the woods?


Miller Racing Family

Bless your heart,the flu can ce hard on everyone. In our neck of the woods we are enjoying wonderful spring temps in the winter. Have a great day.