Thursday, August 02, 2012

To Pop or Not To Pop, That is the Question

Last night after working a double, Bobster pulled the pouty lip & asked if I would make him fried potatoes.

Oh sure, light of life, love of my heart.  Anything.

So I diced, chopped, poured oil.
Made it though round one of frying.

Round two.
Not so much.

I went to pour some diced potatoes into the pan, when a few too many landed in the hot frying pan filled with oil.
Hot oil.

Well, apparently the oil decided it would hit my wrist/lower arm with about a tablespoon of itself.

This was the result of that lucky manuever:

Not sure if you can make that out
It's a big ole honkin blister on the inside of wrist.

I held frozen green beans on it for like 2 hours.
Covered it in Aloe.

Today I had burn gel & an antiobiotic bandaid on it.

I even have a little midget blister about 5 inches to the left & down of that.

I, of course, blamed Bobster.
It was his meal I was making.

So, I am wounded.

Now here is the real pop or not to pop?

Let me know because I am getting conflicting reports.



Do not pop. You increase risk of infection. It will either rupture on it's own, or the body naturally reabsorbs the liquid and it will heal much faster.