Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank God Fall has Arrived!

I never thought fall was coming.

It is my fav season.
The cooler air.
The fun colors.
Halloween & Thanksgiving.
The anticipation of the Christmas around the corner.

Fun, fun season.

Of course, the 6yo is loving fall as well.
He is enjoying the Halloween time.
Although he tells me my decor isn't scary enough and everyone is going to make fun of me.
He loves scary stuff.
Not me.
Give me cute & frolicking any day.

So to appease him when at Aldi's last week I told him he could Brain cakes.
Would have thought I told him he could meet the Hulk.

Cheeks told me was going to help me.
He did.
He poured in the water & stirred.

When it came to decorating...I was on my own.

I don't think I did a bad job though.
Scary enough for you?
I thought so.
He thought they were the best!
Let's just say they were ok in taste...I've had better but it was a mix.
Now he wants Bobster to carve his very small pumpkin into a Zombie.
Good luck with that Bobster!
Tell me, how are you celebrating the season with your little ones?