Sunday, June 02, 2013

It Hurts

I'm Meghan.
I take prescriptions.
One for the tummy.
One for the mental health...Celexa if you will.

I am not ashamed to take the latter.
I need a little mood boost.

Last Tuesday I called my dr's office to get a refill on both meds.
Without going into a long drawn out post, it only took them until Friday to call it in.
I was out of both Tuesday morning.

It's Sunday.
I only have my tummy med.
My dr's office never called the Celexa in.

I am not happy.
Either is my family.

I woke up this morning.
Came downstairs and my stomach immediately was in knots.
I am having a hard time dealing with the mess...which I did manage to clean but it's a wreck again.

Bobster is putting up with me BUT I get extremely sensitive and it causes me to get nasty.
I can be a b*tch.
Tis true.

I am trying not to take it out on the kids.  I am succeeding so far.
Bobster, not so much.
I snapped at him...a few times.

I feel like my stomach has a knot big enough in it to pull the remains of the Titanic up from the bellows of the deep.
I want to cry if you look at me wrong or say something I deem the wrong thing.

I'm smart enough to know it's the lack of medicine BUT I can't help it.

First thing in the am, I will call my doctor's office & after my appointment at the end of the month, I will look for a new doctor.  This isn't the first time something a long these lines have happened.
It is the first time I've been without my meds for an extended period of time.

Tell me, do you take anything?
Just to help.


Diana Bukowski

Shut myself in the bedroom & cry? Put myself in a time out? Drive away in the car with the radio on really loud until I calm down?

Communicate communicate communicate... When things *aren't* so tense, so that when things are, you have a plan of action...

{{{hugs}}} Hope they got you your meds today.


Oh yes, I am on a lot different meds.

9 to exact. lol I do understand the no meds bitchy mood. I have them too. You try not to let it affect you. But it does. Having a family and all we do is stressful at times. Then add in no meds. It can get a tad hectic.

Hope that you got meds and are on the mend now. Hugs