Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's Your Superpower?

Tis true.
That, my friends, is my superpower.

Perhaps it comes with age.
I did turn 43 this past summer.
Now longer early 40's...mid 40's.

I take meds.
None have a side effect of being forgetful though.

Take today for instance.
I was running to Michaels to get a new rainbow loom for Cheeks.
I purposely took out this little book that I have with coupons on it & laid it next to my purse.

I put my coat on, got Cheeks to get his coat on, grabbed my purse & left.

I imagine the little coupon book waving at my back as I walked out the door.
Didn't realize I left it on the table til I was looking for it when in Michaels.

He still got the loom but I didn't save 40%.

Take this blog.
It's been since mid November since I visited.

That may not be forgetfulness as much as lack of excitement to write about.
Who wants to hear how I am bribing the 15 yo to do his parents laundry with money?
I admit it.
I pay him.
I hate laundry.

So anywho...tell me what is your superpower?