Monday, May 26, 2014

Book #8: Life Happens: Bounce Back! by Lisa Bien

Book #8 of the year is Life Happens: Bounce Back! By Lisa Bien.
A  self help book that comes across as anything but self help.

Lisa personalizes everything she writes about and makes you feel as if you are the only person she is speaking to.  Relatable and humorous, she shows how to learn to self love.

By giving you her childhood history right up to her marriages, you learn Lisa didn’t have it easy.
She did, however, realize she could change herself.  It took some hard work, 90 days of hard work.
Ms. Bien challenges you to do the same.  After reading her challenges, I am game.  Anything to help me make myself feel better is my motto.

I would definitely check the book out.

Let me know if you do!


Lisa Gradess Weinstein

Ok, so in the "it's a small world" category - I know Lisa Bien, she grew up around the corner from me