Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

It happened...again.
Remember this post...Oh No You Din't!
Yes, someone ate my food today as well.
I brought in a four pack of Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes.
I had one day before yesterday and one yesterday.

This morning, I said to my dept.  I'll be back, I'm going to make my breakfast sandwich.
So I strolled on into the kitchen, opened up the fridge & this is what I found:

Clearly I wrote my name all over the box.
Didn't matter.
Whoever it is, took the last two bakes & left me the empty box & the wrappers.

Not only did the person take my breakfast, he/she took a coworkers left over 1/2 eggplant sandwich, some burgers that were from McDonalds & today he/she took 20 chicken mcnuggets but was kind enough to leave the empty bag & the dipping sauces.  Considerate, no?

I've considered putting Visine in the food but my luck would be getting caught & going to jail.  I might be a big "b*tch" but I would end up being someone's "b*tch" in prison.  I'm delicate ya know.

So now I am going to have to bring my breakfast from home & keep at my desk until I am ready to eat it.

I just don't understand people.
How were people raised?
Who steals food?
All you have to do is ask, I would have given you one.

Have you been "stolen" from?



Oh my gosh! I was just coming in to thank you for following my blog and I saw this. How terrible! I've also experienced "food stealers". The only thing I can say is that if they have to steal food, maybe they are falling upon hard times and need the food. It's wrong for them to do it, but maybe in some way I've helped them and in the future they'll pay it forward. Still, sorry you have to go through that. - Heather, Life of a Traveling navy Wife


How awful to have your lunch stolen at work! I like Heather's comment above. Maybe someone is truly in need? But still, very frustrating for you!