Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Recap 2014

First I would like to start with a small disclosure...or confession, which ever you prefer.
Whatever photos you see here were taken with my somewhat older smartphone.  They are not good quality what so ever.  I have great photos on my digital camera.  Love this camera.  The problem? I have a card reader but lost the cable to it and still have not gotten around to getting another cable.  It is not your typical USB cable either or I'd be set with the gazillion ones we have around Casa de Buchman.

The morning started quiet enough.
All of us asleep except the 16yo, who woke up at 7am, crept into the kitchen & started to open and shut the cabinets.  Open and shut, open and slam, same thing.  Bobster told him, go wake up your brother.

That's when the party got started.
We all came downstairs & started to open the gifts from youngest to oldest.
Cheeks was surprised with his "haul", he said he hadn't been the best behaved so he didn't think he would get anything.  When he saw his stuff he was like "I was wrong!".  He got all the minecraft toys he could handle, legos and of course, snow boots.

  Last year in Jersey it snowed if you looked out the window.  He really needed new boots so I got them.  This year we will have nothing.  Murphy's Law.

Christafus when next.  He got some small things then then big surprise.  Bobster and I got a terrific deal on a PS4 from Target.  Thanks to the cartwheel apps, some earned gift cards, an old credit and my red card we saved more than we ever imagined.  Hence the only reason he got.  He set up the system and was good to go.

He had to go to his mom's for a bit but not before we headed over to my in-laws for breakfast.  My brother in law ended up making breakfast, don't tell him but he can really cook.

We did gift exchanged and watched the youngest nephew ride his first fourwheeler at 17 months old.

Back to our house where my family came over for gifts and dinner.

I managed to get a picture of Cheeks with his cousin, B.  Two cutie patooties if I ever saw a pair.

B turned 9 yesterday.  I can not believe how big they both are.

I made dinner for my family.  It was really good.  The Nana brought the pasta salad.  She said it was for Bobster, her son in law, but I managed to sneak some before he ate it all.  All people.  You should have seen the size bowl it was served in.  Good Lawd!

I had to work the day after so Bobster was home with the boys.
He let Cheeks just play Legos all day.
I saw this when I arrived home.

I'm not going to sugar coat...the table still looks like that.
I seem to like my house best at night.  When it's dark & you can't see the mess.

All in all I think this year Christmas was the best.
I got to have dinner with my family, breakfast with the in-laws, all my kids in the morning & at night (minus a certain oldest child who lives in Fl...bummer).  It was a great day spent with both sides of our family and together.
That's what counts.

How was your holiday?