Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Taking out 2014...

Last day of the year.
Last day for me to use my personal time at work so I was off.

A few months back I was fortunate enough to win a contest from Girl Gone Mom.  She was giving away a family four pack of passes to the Adventure Aquarium here in South Jersey.  

Today we decided to use those passes and headed to Camden NJ where the aquarium is located.  It's on the Delaware River, that separates New Jersey from Pennsylvania.  Camden is right across the river from Philadelphia.  Here is the some two awesomely good looking kids!

Do not let the hoodies fool you.
It was freakin cold out.
If you look closely at the 8yo you can clearly see he is freezing.  Don't listen to your mother when she tells you to put your coat on.  Listen to your 16yo brother who thinks a Nike hoodie will keep him warm.  Sigh.
Being that close to the water dropped the temp by about 15 degrees.  The wind was so bad my eyes were watering.

So like any good parent, I told them I would feed them to the sharks if they didn't listen!
Proof is in the pudding, people!

I mean business.
Look at those faces, scared of me now aren't they.

Yes! I know!

Next up we let the younger one touch some sharks.  Figured if I couldn't feed him to the sharks, I would let him play with them.

We were also lucky to catch the tail end of the aquariums diving show for the holidays.
I do believe that is Santa & an Elf.  Guess this is what he does to relax after Christmas Eve!

We even saw a small aligator try to take out a turtle but he lost sight of him, so he popped up out of the water & gave us the evil eye!

Of course, you can experience being in the sea if you wish.
Our fish decided to give it a go:

All in all it was a great family day & I am glad that is how we took 2014 a family.

How was your NYE?