Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did you think I fell off the earth?

Nope. Just running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Bought a car. Pics to follow soon. Have to get them to fix somethings. I actually succombed & bought preowned. Didn't want to but the deal was too good to pass up plus the mileage & warranty are fantastic. What did I get you asked?

Chrysler Town & Country MiniVan.

I went looking for an SUV but ended up with the minivan. I guess with the two older boys plus the new little one soon to arrive, the minivan was the best bet. Lots of room & it drives nice.

What else? What else? Hmmm...had another ultrasound this week. Haven't scanned the photos b/c I suck but I took the Nana with me. She didn't get to see him on the u/s yet unlike his daddy & aunt. The poor Nana, she needs to wear her glasses more often. There was the u/s tech, me & the baby on the screen. All of a sudden my boy decides to show off his goods. Well, let me just say, that if I didn't know beforehand, there is no mistaking it now. It's huge! I mean MY GOD I didn't think they made them that big on a baby. Well all of a sudden my mom goes "Where is it? I can't see it." The u/s tech turned to her & said "YOU CAN"T SEE IT!?" It's sad really. She's blind as a bat but once the pic came out she saw it. You couldn't miss it!

I put the "Bobster" on the envelope system. He is horrible at sticking to a budget. It's as if the money turns to water in his hand. He should take that show on the road. It's a shame "That's Incredible" is off the air. His trick of money into water would have done great. I don't know what to do, it's so hard to get him to stick to a budget. Sigh. Guess he is going to have to whore himself out. Any bidders???? Anyone at all!!!???? Trust me, it's worth it. I know, TMI!

Ok, off to find my Amazon g/c so I can get a new scrapbook idea book!



You crack me up girl. I look everyday and get so excited when you've actually updated!

Just for the record ... TMI!



LOL about the goods! You could tell right away with this baby too! I did miss your posting! MAN YOU GOT A MINI! I have one too so join the soccer mom club. We have a Honda Odyssey. LOL They are awesome for carrying things. I do like mine a lot! LOL on the whoring out the bobster! hehe.