Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!
Woo hoo!

What are you doing?
Taking photos.

So far it's 7:45 & I haven't scrapped at all. I did stop at my lss & buy myself some stuff. I couldn't let the day go by with a treat ya know.

The layout there....that is made with the 's sponser of the month...Crate Paper. Can I say...the paper is "Da Bomb!" It's like crack, only less expensive & doesn't rot your teeth! Remember, one must have teeth or at least a facsimile of them.

I spent the day taking photos. My Godson's turns one on Monday & his mommy had a small "parents" only party for him. The Grandparents & Godparents only. It was nice. Only thing that sucked was it was outside. Yep, had an asthma attack, my throat hurt, my nose was on fire, my eyes burned & my ears itched. It's a blast having allergies. Oh how I love them. I spent most of the time indoors in her a/c. I feel better now. Thankfully.

Stopped at Motherhood & gots me 2 more maternity shirts. This should hold me over til the "boy" makes his debut. Of course, how he is getting out I have no idea. Labor & delivery doesn't really appeal to me. C-section, hmm, not so much. Maybe they can knock me out like they did in 40's. I will let you all know what I opted for when he gets here.

Ok, gonna go try to scrap while the "boys" are gone. All of them. Off to the dirt track for some racing. Again, teeth optional at these events & if you have a mullet....well hot diggity dog, you are in fashion at the dirt track!


Tara O'Rourke

Meghan-you totally crack me up!! The LO is Da Bomb-your talent made good use of some nice paper (NOT the other way around). Love it! Enjoy your free time without the boys. I haven't done any scrapping either but I am cleaning up and organizing my scrap space a little bit. Maybe it will be better or maybe it won't!! HOpe you have a great day! Off to see why the baby is screeching (again-OR is that as usual-take your pick)


I love reading your blog. Cracks me up. Love the lo's at the top and great idea. I did nothing scrapwise or anything else today. lol

Nik Just Nik

Great layout Meghan!!!