Thursday, June 08, 2006


a little better today than I have been. Still don't want to get out of bed in the morning but this too shall pass.

Well, I am moving. When you ask? Well, Aug 15th. Nothing like cutting it close. Where you want to know? To the place I grew up. One block from my mom & 7 minutes from my dad. We got a 3 bedroom townhouse. It's an older complex so I do't have all the amenities BUT my son will have his own room & that is really, super important to me. So for anyone who is wondering what to buy me for my shower.....please pic the decor for the bedroom from my registry. *Subtle hint* I tried to get the complex to let me in as early as possible since the raspberry is due on Aug 26th but if I go into labor & deliver, The Bobster will have to move himself! BAAHAAHAA!

Ok, so noone told me that the further you get along in your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable it is to lie down & sleep. Do you know I actually have to sit up to turn over & my belly hurts so bad, that I groan & grunt all night long. I am still swelling but my blood pressure is good. I go Monday night for my gluca test. Wish me luck. I am a carb addict.

Did a little scrapping tonight. Made my goal of 60 layouts for the year! YES! I would share the layout but I am in the Last Scrapper Standing III contest @, so my layout needs to be voted on. If you are a member there, go check out the competition. The votes will be going on through the weekend, I think. I need to go through all my mags & idea books & get rid of stuff. The less stuff to move the better. Not too mention I won't have as much space as I do know. I will be I won't. Closet space is at a premium in this townhouse plus the 3rd bedroom will be for Tim & Chris. They will actually have a place to keep all the video crap (I mean...stuff) & they can play in their room or actually go outside & play on the grass. My townhome is directly across from the community pool. It closes 2 weeks after we move in BUT the kids can make use of it, til then. Not to mention there is a playground right across the street. It's a nice area. I hope to be there just a year & then get a house but if I am there longer, then so be it.

Was watching Chris Botti live tonight on PBS. He is such a cutie & so talented. He is the one thing I learned to like when married to F&cko! He was such a big fan, played his CD's over & over & took me to see him so many times in concert that I feel in love with Chris Botti & his music. I actually harbour a secret crush on his bass player & F*cko knew it. I think it bothered him. BAAHAAHAA! The Bobster is not into Chris Botti or music like that. He is a true country boy with a little rap mixed in for good measure. I am actually starting to like some of the country music, like that song by Mr. Easy on the Eyes, Brad Paisley, "Alcohol". Fun tune! Then you have "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy". I like that one too!

Woops, out!



I thought I was the only one who sat up to turn over in bed. And has the peeing in the middle of the night once or twice kicked in yet? Yeah that sucks too. And does the groin hurt when you turn over? Yeah mine does too. Oh the joys of pregnancy. It gets even worse. Wait until your stomach is so large it's hard to wipe after you use the bathroom. Yeah, oh the memories from being preggo before! LOL

Hope the move goes well. Eek - so close to the baby's due date!


Glad Meghan that you are feeling somewhat better. Ever since your last entry I've been worried. It sounded so ominous. Please don't scare me like that!