Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Layout:

Whose that you ask? That is the Schmegg. My Schmeggy.
I did this layout for Round 1 of Last Scrapper Standing at
This layout was to include doodling that was inspired by henna tattoos.
I must have done an ok job b/c I am advancing to round 2. Yea me!

Nothing new in the scrapworld. Got my new Simply Scrapbooks mag yesterday. Haven't madeit pass page 25.

I am getting a free subscription to Scrapbook Answers mag b/c the website I ordered the Bobster's mag from, never sent it & I pitched a fit. I ended up talking to the VP of the website who straightened everything out & got me a free sub for my troubles. I wanted my money back but the free sub is just as good, considering I buy the mag anyway.

I will be going through mags & idea books soon. Have to get rid of stuff. Less stuff to move!

I am 29 weeks today. Do you know that means less than 11 weeks til my due date? HOLEY MOLEY! I don't think I can get any bigger. Although every tells me I will.

My groin is killing me. Not to mention my nightly pee schedule. That is so fun. As of Thursday none of my shoes but my Sketchers fit me. Yes my feet now look like ham hocks. Even if I don't eat salty foods. Did you know yogurt has like 150mg's of sodium in it? Yea, shocked the bejeezes out of me. BTW, WaWa's Low Fat yougurt is scrumpdiddliumptious. If you are in the area of a WaWa, try some. Y ou will love it.

For those not in the know...WaWa is a convenient store that rocks the Delaware Valley. They are branching out I hear so look for one coming soon to your area.

Woops, out!



I HEAR you on the groin pain, swollen kankles (haha), nightly pee schedule, not to mention when I get up to pee I'm super thirsty so I drink a lot, which makes me get up again!! and I'm hot, I never use a blanket, must I go on? I'm 28 week girlie - one week behind you and I'm so huge I don't know how I'm going to get bigger either! Yikes!!!! I need to see a photo of you?! Sodium is NOT our friend!

Awesome Abby

i can sympathize with you............but..............i'm afraid that all of those things are just preparing us for the fun nightly pklay dates with our wee ones when they arrive!!!!!