Friday, April 03, 2009

How about helping those at home?

I know I am going to get flack about this
keep in mind this is not my opinion for everyone, if that makes sense.
This is for celebrities or those that have enough money to buy small countries.
It's about Madonna & her "rumoured adoption"

Madonna, I would like to say to you the following.

You are blessed to have 3 children.
A beautiful, identical to you, daughter,
And 2 sons.
I do not begrudge you additional children.
Heck, I would have more but well, I am not a pleasant pregnant women, but I digress.
What is upsetting about your most recent rumoured adoption is that you are going out of the country to do this.
There are many, many children here.
In the US.
Who need good homes.
Many children in this country go hungry, don't have a place to live or are living in such poor conditions that it is undescribable.
So, how about taking the money that you have donated to Malawi & perhaps match it with a donation to a children's home here, in the US?
How about adopting a child from the US?
A child who needs a mommy or a warm bed at night.
I do not begrudge any child or any person the joy of becoming a family.

What saddens me, is knowing the many children, in our country who need a family but go without because celebs want to go elsewhere to adopt.
I am not saying not to donate to these other countries or to spread joy & love there.
Go for it!

I am just saying to think about the children here.
As a celeb I am sure the many issues with paperwork & roadblocks would go more smoothly for you than say John Smith of Main St.

Would I adopt?
Would I adopt out of this country?
Yes, but I would try to adopt from my home country first.
Every child deserves a happy home.
I just wish more celebrities would help out at home.

Let the flaming begin.

Woops out!



meghan you're way more tactful than i am. charity begins at home as they say and as YOU say there are plenty of children in this country who are in need. none of the celebs must've seen the 20/20 report on appalachia(sp). and i agree you are NOT a pleasant pregnant woman... amen sista girl


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Amen! My husband and I were just talking about this last night. What's wrong with an American child?


i just heard on the news madonna was refused adoption. she has to live in that country for 18 months before she can do it... guess we can cancel the gifts now....


No flaming from me, couldn't agree more!!! So many children need help right here in our back them before helping others from other one from those countries are jumping to help us here in the good ole USA...just holding out their hands!!!!


No flaming from me!! I couldn't agree with you more...only I will say *L* Donate HERE first! I'm so sick of the celebrities that go to other countries and want us to help over there...lets help here first!! Ok I better stop before I go all balistic here *L*