Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reason 928 why I hate Walmart

You would think getting a sweet deal like getting out the house BY YOURSELF would be enjoyable.
As long as I chose not to go to Walmart.

Unfortunately, Walmart was where I went.
Had to get the allergy meds b/c mine kicked into high gear yesterday.
They are dirt cheap at Walmart.

So while there I was perusing the infant section.
My girlfriend is having twins & next week is her "sprinkle brunch".
I needed to get diapers for her (got a decent deal)
I decided to get a pack of Gerber Onesies.
There were 6 in a pack for $8.97.
I had a $1.00 off coupon.

On the coupon it states "Save $1.00 when you buy any Onesies brand or any other Gerber Apparel or bedding product"
The clue here folks is in wording "Any other Gerber Apparel"
This should be self explanatory & anyone who has gone beyond 2nd grade should grasp the concept.

I chose the one cashier who was very sweet but the vacancy light was throbbing bright & proud.
Said coupon wouldn't scan so she said "Oh I think you have to buy the 3 pack" Now she said that b/c there is a 3 pack pictured on the coupon.
Having a background in cashiering I know that you must read the coupon, not just look at the pictures.
Chicky baby obviously wasn't schooled on this part of her job.
I point out the wording to her. Slowly...I didn't want to scare her.
So she says nothing, just flips on her light.
At this point I was aggravated b/c I already had to dodge small children whose parents are no where to be found, learn an entirely different language if I want to ask someone "Excuse me" so I can get around their cart which is blocking the entire aisle & manuver my way around numerous spills & teens who think it's fun to play games in the aisles.
All good times.

I told her "If you have to call someone just forget it. Take it off. Not a big deal"
I left w/o my deal on the Onesies.
So Walmart, Target will get my $$$ for that one.

Will I return to Walmart?
Will I try to find a cashier who knows how coupons work?
You bet your sweet bippy.
Will I still bitch & complain about Walmart?
Yes, unless I found the Mothership of Walmart's where the store is clean, the workers know the policies & people are considerate of each other.

Do you have any complaints about Walmart?

Woops out!



Yes. Besides the fact that I can't leave that store without being completely annoyed, they are also reported to treat their employees very badly! They also cheat their building contractors out of thousands of dollars using 'change order' tricks when building or updating. I think the founder of the company would be very sad if he were alive to see it today.


Do I have complaints about Walmart! You betcha! Will I continue to shop there? Of course, I'm no dummy it's a no brainer, it's much cheaper than any other store. Trick is to find that one "smart" cashier and hunt her down every shopping trip. Do you have Super Target? It's like Walmart with intelligent and polite cashiers. You'll think you died and went to Big Box Store Heaven.


I've been to many WalMarts in other states...10,000 times's not the store, it's the people

Noah's Mommy

okay...where did you get a Gerber onesie coupon?....I am so looking for those....

NYCity Mama

My husband and I refuse to go to Walmart as a matter of principle. We get that it helps families on strict budgets, we get that the discounts are appealing, but Walmart is the devil. It puts companies out of business and they reap huge benefits in return, non of which are felt by the environment, by their employees, and apparently, not by their customers either.

Miss Mommy

Not one particular incident that has been turing me off to walmart lately....just seems like their customer lacking BIG time!!

There are simply too many stores near me with wonderful customer service and associates that are willing and eager to help you if need be!!

I have also found that Target's prices on many items that I used to purchase at Walmart have gotten significantly cheaper the past few months!!

Even if it a few cents more at another store....I find myself buying it elsewhere instead...I just try to avoid the aggravation of Walmart lately!!

So sorry to hear about your terrible trip yesterday Megs!! Here's hoping the next time is alot better!!!


The one here in Berlin Twp, can't figure out what their coupon policy is on the ones you get e-mailed to you and have to print out. One day they take them, the next day nope, they could be fake!!! I have gone to the manager every time and told them if they aren't going to accept the home printed internet coupons, then they need to post it somewhere!!!! I do however find myself going to Target more and more.


I would never shop at Walmart. I can't stand the scummy people, the children running around wild with no supervision and then the parents finally attending to their children only to threaten them with beatings. Good times, I tell ya. Oh and then there's that whole aspect of lousy customer service. I'd rather shop at Target and pay a few extra pennies.

Lisa P

Oh lord its not just walmart but yeah they have a ton of coupon dunb cashiers there in particular!