Thursday, April 23, 2009

The time has come....

To revisit an old fav at the bloggeroo.
The spelling & pronounciation of MY NAME!

Up there, in my header, is my name.
Notice the "H".
My mom gave me the "H".
So it would be used when people spell my name.

Now I perfectly understand if you do not see my name & have to ask me how to spell it
When you respond to an email, in which my signature is embedded, you can bet your a** I have spelled it with an "H".
So why, if I spelled it with an "H" & it's right there, do you take a glance at it & spell it "Megan", no "H".

This is not difficult!
This is what I like to call "Attention to detail"
Simple process.

And as for the pronounciation of my name.
It's done like this.
M - mmmmmmmmmm
Egg - e(short e) followed by "gah" like in Egg
In - like the word.

Put them all together & you get "Megin"
I even did it phonetically for you.

Please do not say "Maygin"
My name doesn't have a long a in it.
There is only one person who calls me that & he is allowed, that's it.

So now that we have revisited this post again, tell me what is bothering you today?
Let it rip!

Woops out!



Well it always bothers me that no one can spell my name correctly either...CYNDI, yes it is backwards, but I like it and that is how it is spelled!

But what is bothering me today...someone I know thinks Facebook is stupid, doesn't have an account, but is ALWAYS looking for updates on people though other people who have accounts!!! Hello, if you think it is stupid then don't partake in any part of it!!!!

Noah's Mommy

lol....I can understand....mine is Lesley...and EVERYONE spells it Leslie...I even had to get my college diploma redone because they spelled it wrong....granted they got it right on the mailing address...and my mom pronounces it Le-z-ley...and my who knows how it's supposed to be...

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco

Try explaining a hyphenated last name. That's a lot of fun, too.

Tara O'Rourke

I name is ter-uh...not TAR UH. That pisses me off too. LOL

Miss Mommy

I can totally name is Tanya....for some odd reason my parents chose an "a" instead of an "o". It's pronounced like Tonya, but has an "a" insead. But it never fails I get Taaanya all the time....

Such is life I guess. It's been happening so long now, i just laugh it off!! LOL LOL


OMG that's like my name! Hello? I emailed you *with* my name - it ends in A, not E, and when I spoke it out loud, I clearly added the A at the end... >.<

Noah's Mommy

I do have a coordinating fabric for both...if you send me your email, I can email you pics of the fabric samples....I love special orders....


i get it schmeggie... having the name laura isnt easy either. hardly anyone says it correctly. i get laurie, lauren, lori, lora, lara.. and my personal fav from the peeps in south philly is now ssay it with me,,, LA RAH.
now for your name.. i named you meghan so i could call you meg. you see how far that went with me didnt you. my friends and family said get the H outta here. i thought they meant your name. i think they just wanted me to leave..baaaahahahahahah i made a very small funny.


My Megan has no H, but it's pronounced the same way, Meh gg in. We were in the Dr's waiting room when she was little and the nurse came looking for MAYGIN, my little darling shouts at the top of her lungs, MAYGIN? MAYGIN? Who's MAYGIN? We still laugh about that one.


Bwah ha ha ha - I've been reading all this shaking my head and laughing - because I usually get Meeee-gin. Is that my evil alter ego? Maybe I should get one!