Monday, June 07, 2010

Bedtime = Sahara Desert

We have entered the "Mommy I need a drink of water" phase in Cheeks young life.

Every night, approximately 15 minutes after he goes to bed (& has asked me a million questions) he gets dry mouth.  He whines for the water as if he's been out on the pet camel in the desert we like to call the Jersey Shore. 

Some nights, I'm the good mom & I go up there & give him water.
Granted, it's the only time he will drink water w/o me having to cut his juice with it.

Other nights, I tell him he will survive, I'm not giving him water & to go to sleep.

Am I cruel?

Tonight, when I gave him his water, he smacked his lips, made a "aaah" noise, said "That was good!" & handed me back the cup.

Glad I could help him quench his thirst.

Do you have a dehydrated camel in your house?




Super Thirsty one..she take a water bottle to bed every holds 600mls and she empties it before falling asleep!!