Friday, June 04, 2010

Who Missed Me?

Did you notice I was gone?
I haven't been around.
Why you ask? Meghan, where o' where have you been?  Somewhere exotic & tropical? Somewhere fun w/ cabana boys peeling you grapes?

If only.

I was here.
My computer...not so much.

It appears that I still had an entire folder of my ex's on my computer.
For those that are new to the bloggeroo, I was previously married
I like to refer to him as the Porn King of South Jersey.
I was so proud.

Anywho, unbeknownst to me, his folder was still on the computer & I couldn't remove it because I didn't have administration privaliges (that so looks spelled wrong!).
Well I decided to click on a was to a music sight.
Before it even had a chance to load, I closed it.

That's all it took.
1. 2. 3.
Computer infected with a virus that would only open porn or have me buy a virus protection.

The Grandpop decided he would buy me a computer for my birthday next month (I will be entering a new decade so it's a big's not every day a girl turns 21...I was a child bride OK!).

Anywho I am up & running, sadly I lost everything on the old 'puter, including pics of all the kids & fam etc.
I am hoping my IT dept at work will take pity on me & take a gander at the old hard drive to see if anything is salvagable (my spelling is so off tonight).

But stick around...I have reviews coming, tidbits of my life & a giveaway.
Oh that's right.
I said giveaway!

Let me know how you have been!!!




you asked how i've been and i've been fine, thank you,
sincerely ,
your mother

Tara O

Oh that totally sucks. But glad to see you again.


Hey Meghan-glad to have you back! I was wondering where you were-seeing that I check your blog everyday!!! :)