Wednesday, June 23, 2010


All in all it wasn't a horrific day.
It just went to crap around dinner time.

See it started w/ a very whiney 3 yo who appeared to not have a fever or any other symptoms.
Then he woke up from his nap.
Motrined his tushie up & fed him pizza for dinner.
Yes, yes, mother of the year.
I know.

Now I decided to get my craft on by spray painting a frame today.
I laid the frame on top of the pizza box that I laid in the grass.
Oh that was mistake #1.

I brought said box in & laid it on my washer.
Mistake #2.

For some unknown reason I opened the box.
To my wondering eyes, there were about 2000 ants who were ready to party.
They immediately decided my washer, the inside & out, was the place to do it.

Got that all cleaned up.
Opened up the cabinet under my kitchen sink to get a wipee & noticed rice.
Black rice.
Now I don't keep food under there
Do I keep burnt rice.

Upon further investigation, I noticed it was FREAKIN mouse poop.
Again, with the mice.
It was nice, I had like 2 years off between mouse visits.
I live across the street from some woods.

Good times.

Then my evening continued when I discovered Cheeks had gone to the bathroom.
While I thought he was doing #1, he was really doing #2.
He proceeded to clog the toilet with about 20 wipes & then flushed.
Needless to say I was plunging.

So that is how I spent the early evening, how did you spend it?