Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are you a fan???

Of the chic?
The Chick-fil-a??

I am!
Huge fan.

Let me tell you about my devotion to the chicken chain.
I am devoted b/c
  1. Their food always tastes fresh & doesn't taste like "fast food"
  2. Their establishment is always spotless.  I mean any Chick-fil-A is spotless.
  3. They have an extremely clean play area that is just the right size.  Not overly large that you lose a kid but small enough that you might have to mingle with the other parents.  LOL
  4. Every single employee is the sweetest thing.
  5. They value family.
  6. They have the best deals.
Tonight for example I stopped with the Cheekers after get his hair cut.
I order his meal, my meal...only difference was 4 nuggets.
The sweet little girl behind the counter says "you got a kids meal free b/c every Thursday is buy an adult meal get a kids meal free".
Well thank you girly!
The last time I was there it was dress like a cow get free food.
I had no idea.
Some stranger dressed my boy up like a cow & we ate like Kings on Pauper's wages.

Every time you go into Chick-fil-A you get a sense of community.
That this establishment loves families & kids.

I was at another Chick-fil-A in the start of the summer.
The crew lost my order.
I waited like 20 minutes.
The manager came flying out & apologized profusely.
He gave me free coupons for free food & a coupon for free ice cream for the Cheekers.
Not to mention a carnation for me b/c I was a mom.

Again, love this chain!

I will go out of my way for Chick-Fil-A.
Have you had their lemonade?

Tell me, what's your favorite chain restaurant?

*This post was not endorsed by Chick-Fil-A.  It is soley my opinion & just a topic for a post.  I want to share my great experience with all of you*



i dont eat meat, but If we are out and my son is hungry for chicken, i go there EVERY TIME. they have the best looking chicken.

MS Mom

I am just going to add that (at least in the state I live in) Chik-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. Which to me is family-oriented. Allows employees to have the day off and if they so choose attend church. Bravo! (and by far they have the best little mini chik biscuits ever!)

Ashley O

I love that place! That is really the only "fast food" my family ever eats. Maybe In-N-Out every once in a while.

Amy Hadley

Does Chick Fil A need a promoter? B/c I think they need you!:) Great stories! I agree completely... love this company inside and out.


I just wish Chick Fil A would stop using peanut oil to cook their foods. My son has a severe peanut allergy so we can't go there :(