Monday, August 23, 2010

The hits just keep coming...

As if it isn't to have had kidney stones since my birthday, my 40th year has also given me another gift.

A root canal.

In my lifetime I have had like 8 root canals so I am used to it by now
do you think this could have just been a cavity…NOOO!

Bring on the power tools & novacaine, it’s root canal time!

I knew I was going to need one.
You just know.
Especially after all the dental work I've had done.
Numerous fillings.
All 4 wisdom teeth pulled on 4 separate occasions.
Braces not once, not twice but three times.
4 teeth pulled to make room for the braces when I was 13.
I had 8 extra teeth compared to the average person, who has 32.

I am just a walking tooth.
Now I have a tooth that has decided to revolt & not want to be part of the team.

So annoying.
Thank God for Vicodone!

Tell me, what dental work have you had done?



LOL A walking tooth!!! Had my first root canal and it SUCKED!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a follower!