Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He works the charm

Cheeks was in trouble the other day.
Big trouble.

All was quiet in the house because he was being punished.
No toys.
No tv.
No books.
He was walking aimlessly in circles in the living room.
I was opening mail.

This is the conversation that transpired.

Cheeks walked over to me, I looked down.

C: "Mommy, I wanna give you a kiss"
M: "Ok" {i bent down & kissed his little lippies}
C: "I love you Mommy" {he grabbed my leg & hugged me}

He then walked away.
About 7 seconds later he reappeared.

C: "Oh Mommy"
M: "Yea?"
C: "Your really pretty too!"
M: "Thanks your still in trouble though"
C: "OH MAN!"

Yep, 4 yrs old & he's already figured out how to work the charm.

Thank God he's like his father & I knew his motives. Ha!