Saturday, July 16, 2011

41 Things for a 41st Birthday

They say it's your birthday.
It's my birthday too!

Seriously, it's my birthday today.
Where did the years go?
One month from today Cheeks will be 5.

I digress.
Today I am going to be totally shameless and post a post entirely about moi.

41 things about moi.

Can you stand it?

Let's start:
1.  My middle name is Kathleen.

2.  I am the 13 years & 6 days older than my sister.

3.  I have a birth mark on my pinky toe, which The Nana thought was poo & tried, relentlessy to remove. 

4.  My fav movie is a tie between "The Matchmaker" w/ Janeen Garafelo & Dennis Leary and "Steel Magnolias"

5.  I was on Dancin On Air in high school.  Local dance show that branched to Dance Party USA which I was on that show.  The show that launched Kelly Ripa's career.

6.  I'm LDS.

7.  My favorite dinner is chicken cutlets, green beans & mashed potatoes.

8.  I split my upper lip when I was little & had a huge bump on it for years, it's since gone away.

9.  I failed gym in high school, not once but twice.

10.   I am math challenged.  It's so sad.

11.  I secretly love iCarly.  She is just so cute.

12.  I was 36 when I gave birth to Cheeks.

13.  Flew to Fl to meet a guy I knew just from the internet.

14.  I married someone (not Bobster) that I met on the internet.

15.  Met Bobster on a blind date.

16.  I lived at home til I was 31.

17.  I didn't drive until I was 21.

18.  Still have my tonsils.

19.  Finding 41 things is hard.

20.  I type with my fingers on the correct keys & do not have to look at the board thanks to taking typing in high school....that's right...typing, not keyboarding.

21.  I was playing with Barbie when I was 12.

22.  Favorite # is 15.

23.  I despise water ice.

24.  If I could cook in my crockpot every day I would.

25.  Chore I hate the the bathroom.

26.  Chore I love the shopping.  Could do it every day.

27.  I love to use coupons.  Love it! Love it! Love it!

28.  Favorite color is pink.

29.  Fav ice cream: Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow.

30.  Fav candle scent: Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade.

31.  I took Spanish 1 two years in a row.  I am a scholar no?

32.  My degree is in English w/ an Elementary K-5 certificate.  Yes, the state of NJ has deemed me educated enough to teach your children.

33.  I work in customer service.

34.  All time fav song: Rock the Boat by some group from the 70's.

35.  Secretly wish I grew up in the 40's.

36.  Glad I was born when I was because if I didn't have a/c, microwaves & cable I'd go stir crazy.

37.  Addicted to blogs!

38.  Lived in NJ all my life.

39.  I was in Dublin, Ireland on vacation and ran into someone I knew.

40.  Love to thrift store shop.

41.  Glad this list is over.

Now tell me something about yourself.




Hues Corporation...ok so I Googled it, but as soon as I read the words "Rock the Boat", I started singing the song.