Monday, July 04, 2011

Latest News in Casa de Meghan

It keeps us on our toes, no?
It has been keeping me busy, that's for sure.

For instance, we have a graduate among out mists:

That is Miss Vanessa...we love her!
He graduated on a Thursday.
That's my little kindergardener up there.

Can you believe it?
He's going to be 5 this August.
I can't stand it.

Of course, one week to the day of his preschool graduation, the director asked to speak to me.
I knew it was coming.
He was kicked out.

What I don't mention on here is that angelic face up there...he has extreme behavioral issues.
He was evaluated with my district's child study team over the course of the winter.
Passed everything with flying colors. as a whip!
The team told me to have my pediatrician to evaluate him for ADHD, ADD or Hyperactivity.
My ped, who was my ped when I was a wee lass...that should give you insight on how old he is, says Cheeks is too young to be evaluated for any of that.

So I have been trying on my own to find a behavioral specialist.
I wanted to take him to another pediatrician who is known to at the top of his field in this area...he doesn't take insurance & it's $1300 for the consult.
Well sign me up!

I've contacted my insurance company to give me names.
They did.
So far I am running into roadblock after roadblock.
Either they no longer participate in his insurance or they do not see children as young as he is.

I'm ready to pull my hair out.

On a brighter note, he starts his 4th preschool since March 2010 this Tuesday.
You read right.
His 4th.

Like I said I've been keeping this to myself for the most part.
The first school he was at, was the longest & they suggested the child study team.
He was asked to leave.

The second school said "We can handle him & he will never be asked to leave."
Imagine my surprise, after being told by the "owner" that my child needed Ritalin, when I got a letter in his cubby saying I had 2 weeks to find a new daycare.

This school was the best out of them all.
Very down to earth.
Miss Vanessa...she's the best! 
Very diverse school too but the director, as kind as she could be, told me they couldn't met his needs.  He needs more one on one.

Now he is onto his 4th daycare.
Please pray this one works out.
Keep your fingers & piggies crossed that I can find a behavorial specialist that takes his insurance too.

That's some of the latest news, what's going on in your neck of the woods?