Sunday, July 31, 2011

A boy scorned...

It all begin with an after dinner swim at the pool.
Cheeks met a girl.  I chronicled the budding romance here.

Last night we went to the pool for our extremely early evening swim.
She was there.
I saw her first and pointed her to Cheeks.

He quickly got out of the pool.
Put his hands on his hips and walked like John Wayne in a last showdown over to her.
She was in the water.
He strutted back and forth.
Finally saying "Hi Alexis"
She smiled.
That was it.

Cheeks was not understanding that she was playing with her girlfriends.
2 other 8ish year old little girls.
He just kept trying to get her attention.
Yelling at her, waving, saying "Look at me!"
Alexis was having her girls night out & wanted no parts of a "boy".
Guess playing Cougar for the evening wasn't on the agenda.

I comforted him by letting him play in the splash pool.
He found solace with all the trucks, cars & beach balls in the pool.

We left with the final words from Cheeks being "I guess Alexis left."

I had to pull his lip up off the ground.

Have no fear, he spotted the very tan, brunette 15 year old life guard on our way out.  His eyebrows wiggled and he asked if we could go back and play with her!

This. Is. My. Life.